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Programmatic Ad Buying Ecosystem.

The following diagrams helps you understand on how our Programmatic Buying Ecosystem helps you get more targeted visitors and leads.


adQrk Advertiser Features.

The following are some of the great features that advertisers are going to get from our platform.

Creative Type Banner Size Traffic Type Blocking Cap Restriction Targeting Conv.Tracking
Support all standard formats such as jpg, gif, png, swf and dynamic html. Supports all IAB standard sizes such as full banners, half banners, lead-boards, sky scrapers , buttons & custom banners. Choice of CPM, CPV, CPC, CPL, CPA , CPI & Pop-Up/Pop-Under Block by IP, Campaign & Site Hourly, Daily, Impressions day/ip, Conversions daily/site Geo/Country, Category, Network / ISP , Device Type, Language, OS, & Browser Pixel, S2S, SDK

Advertiser Features

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