Publishers Maximize Online Revenue Using Programmatic Media Selling

Maximize the value of your inventory which effective competition from network and RTB buyers in a single auction to deliver higher CPMs and increased earnings from variety of banners that support for Desktop, Mobile / Smartphone & Tablets. Some of the main features and/or advantages of adQrk platform include:


Publishers Revenue Share
Publishers advantage

As per recent study, one publisher has built programmatic revenue to more than 50 percent of its digital revenue while increasing direct sales and total CPMs. “Best-in-class publishers see up to 24% higher CPMs and 30% greater efficiency with simpler, unified ad tech stacks”.

Ask yourself the following questions to know why publishers consider programmatic ad trading ?

1. As a publisher with an expanding online presence, how satisfied are you with the rate of growth in your online ad revenues?

2. Have you used programmatic ad trading to date?

3. Did you use open or private exchanges, or mechanisms such as fixed-price?

4. If you have used programmatic ad trading, what results have you achieved through it?

5. If you haven’t used programmatic ad trading, have you considered it? What factors have held you back from taking the plunge?

6. Have you investigated the efficiency benefits that programmatic ad trading can bring within your ad sales operations?

7. In what ways do you segment the value of your advertising inventory?

8. How do you measure your consumers’ engagement?

9. In what ways do you apply your measures of engagement to sustain the value of your inventory?

10. How do you see programmatic ad trading fitting into your suite of ad options in the future?

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